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There has been an unprecedented amount of hype and marketing behind the Juul compared to any other vape device in history.  Their deep pockets have made sure that you have most likely heard of them, but they've also attracted some negative attention in the media as a result.  Juul Canada has finally made these available North of the American border after much back and forth with the government so we're happy to finally have one to test.  Do they really live up to all the hype though? 

Package Contents:

Rechargeable Juul Device

USB charging Cable

USB charging Dock

Four Juul Pods (Virginia Tobacco, Mint, Mango, and Vanilla)


Listed Features and Specs:

1 Year Limited Device Warranty

"Simple, Clean, Satisfying"


The Mod:

The Juul mod itself is a beautiful looking piece.  The design is sleek and professional without screaming for attention.  A magnetic charging port for the dock is a nice touch.  It's similar to what you'd find on an Apple laptop, and it works nicely.  The Juul is nice and light in the hand, easily fitting into any pocket.

There is an LED light to indicate battery status.  If you wave the device around, the LED light will change colours.  People in the community have dubbed this "party mode."  It's gimmicky, but most people probably won't wave their Juul around to notice it. You can also tap the Juul twice (with a pod inserted) to check to battery status.  Red is Low, Yellow is Medium, and Green is High to Full charge level.

The Pods:

The pods contain 0.7mL of ejuice and are very straight forward to use.  They're primed and ready to go, so just plug it into your Juul and fire away.  We have not experienced any leaking in preliminary testing under normal use. 

It's easy to keep a spare in your pocket since they are very tiny.  The current flavours for the Canadian market are Mango, Virginia Tobacco, Fruit Medley, Cool Mint, Cool Cucumber, and Vanilla.  Once they're empty, they cannot be refilled.  You must throw them out and crack open a new one.


The system is easy to use right out of the box, especially for first time vapers looking to switch from smoking.  It's extremely pocketable, fitting into business attire pockets without drawing unnecessary attention.  The vapour output is low, which allows you to vape more discretely, while still getting enough nicotine to satisfy a quick craving while on the go.  



The cost for the system and for the refillable pods are higher than competitors, and the pods are not refillable.  They cost $24.99 for a 4 pack, each containing 0.7mL of ejuice.  That means you pay $8.93 per mL of ejuice.  Compare that with an average $29.99 for a 60mL bottle, which is $0.50 per mL of ejuice.  The juul pods cost you 17.8x more per mL of ejuice.  Even when you factor in pod costs for competing systems like the Suorin Air, they can at least be refilled multiple times, whereas the Juul pods cannot be refilled once you're done with the 0.7mL inside. 

Not Refillable

While a pod is roughly equivalent to 200 puffs, or a pack of cigarettes, you cannot use any readily available off the shelf eliquids on the market to refill it.  Open pod systems (Eg. Suorin Air, Suorin Vagon, Aspire Breeze 2) allow you to refill the pods until the coil burns out, extending the life of the pod, reducing waste, and saving you money.  This also allows you to switch flavours in the same pod if you prefer. 

Small Flavour Selection

At the time of this writing, there are only 6 flavours available in Canada. Vapers that successfully switch completely from tobacco will often tell you that the variety of flavours is crucial to their success.  Everyone has varying tastes and you need to be able to enjoy your vaping experience in order to stick with it.  Hopefully you can find a flavour that you really enjoy in one of the 6 currently available flavours (Mango, Fruit Medley, Virginia Tobacco, Vanilla, Cool Mint, Cool Cucumber).

Muted Flavour

This is primarily due to the high concentration of nicotine, which masks the flavouring in the eliquid.  The same would apply to most 50mg/ml juice pods on the market.  If your only concern is getting a quick nicotine hit, then will may be less of an issue.



The Juul is a nice kit for vapers looking to make the initial switch from smoking and really crave a tight draw and rapid nicotine delivery, but we still feel that open pod systems already on the market, like the ones mentioned above, are technically superior.  The cost is the highest per mL that we've ever seen and flavour selection is small, but that may not necessarily be a problem for you.  The Juul is now aging and faces competition from newer and technically superior devices like the STLTH pod system, which offers far better flavour, more nicotine choices, more flavours and comes in at way better prices for the device and pods.  Juul has also pulled their fruit flavours from the Canadian and US market.  Considering their marketing practices which have come under fire, resulting in multiple major lawsuits and these other factors, we do not recommend the Juul anymore in today's market.  

Q: How many hits are in a Juul pod?

A: There are approximately 200 puffs in a Juul pod, which is roughly equivalent to a pack of cigarettes.


Q: How long does it take to charge the Juul?

A: It takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour on the charging dock to fully charge the device from a low battery status.


Q: Do Juul pods contain diacetyl?

A: Juul pods do not contain diacetyl.


Q: Why isn't my Juul working?

A: The battery could be dead, or there may be ejuice on the contacts.  Simply take the pod off and wipe the contact on the body and the pod and try again.  A defective pod is also possible, but since the device is new to the market, we have not yet seen this occur.


Q: Why is my Juul leaking?

A: The Juul can be made to leak if you inhale too hard, or squeeze the pod too hard.  


Q: What does Juul do to you?

A: Like any electronic cigarette device, the Juul delivers nicotine to help satisfy nicotine cravings for smokers that are trying to quit. To date, evidence suggests that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking.  The nicotine used in Juul pods are of the Nicotine benzoate salt variety, which is the type traditionally found in tobacco.  It reaches the bloodstream faster than the usual "freebase" nicotine found in the majority of eliquids currently on the market.  While the vapour output from the Juul is very low, please keep in mind that the nicotine concentration is very high at 50mg/ml.  A couple sips is all it takes to satisfy cravings.


Q: How much are Juuls?

A: In Canada, the Juul kits that come with 4 pods sell for an MSRP of $64.99. 

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