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Blown Away

 - We were blown away to receive this email the other day and we didn't know where to publish it, so we figured our blog would do nicely.  Thanks Veronica!  We appreciate you very much :) -
Dear TheraVape team

A friendly hello to you all.
After receiving my last order of 4 different flavours:
Taro Vanilla, 
Baked Banana 
and thanks to your Easter special, two flavours that I would in general not have purchased,  
Watermelon and Key Lime Pie. 

Since this is not a typical review of a specific juice or a particular flavour, rather my own personal findings in general of your company, as well as your ability to produce an e-juice-line that in my humble opinion from my three years of vaping experiences, purchasing E-liquids from around the world, deserves a lot of credit, and I'm not sure where, or to whom I could address it to - in order to reach as many potential customers as possible.  
I am disappointed in the fact that it took me this long to find "TheraVape", and now of course regret all the money I've spend, trying to hunt down an all around satisfying vape. In order to avoid my misfortune, I therefore hope this letter/review will reach a "few" people. 

TheraVape Inc.

Customer Service and shipping:

I had the pleasure of dealing with three different representatives through e-mail conversations, and besides their names in the address bar, I could not tell that this was the case. I received exceptional, professional, friendly and fast responses, in which all of my questions were answered beyond my expectations from each and everyone I've talked to. Processing my order was super fast and to my surprise, was shortly after followed up with an additional e-mail asking me, if I had received my shipment and if I would be satisfied with all of the items. 

TheraVape's E-Juice Line:

Although I haven't had a chance to sample all of their juices, I can confidently say, it is one of the best lines I've ever had. Sure, there are companies that produce some fantastic flavours, but usually it is only one or two that stick out and the rest, are often hard to believe come from the same brand-name. Out of my experience, all of them have a specific undertone, a certain lingering taste and flavour that lets you pinpoint what juice was made by whom. This is all fine and dandy if you like this particular background flavour but in my case, I like juices that are what I call - "true".
True to its taste and not stamped by a brand. I like a variety of juices, as long as they follow their description.
TheraVape has managed to produce some e-liquids that should be mentioned together with some highly acclaimed premium e-juices. The only difference between them is the price. It is my opinion that TheraVape's pricing is reasonable, especially when purchasing in higher quantity. ( 120ml-250ml )


Although I have discovered TheraVape by accident, I am confident to say that I will be a long time loyal customer. Not only because, for some reason their liquids seam to disappear rather quickly from my supply shelf, but I'm also looking forward to my next encounter with their exceptional customer service. It is comforting to know that my satisfaction is the companies main goal. 

Last but not least:
Please excuse some of my spelling mistakes. But since English is my second language I believe, if and when, who ever reads it is upset about it, and is able to rewrite a more gripping review in my mothers language - I will personally apologize.

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