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Christmas Holiday Activity at TheraVape

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This month, we're looking to outdo ourselves.  Not only are we featuring another contest, but we, along with Fat Panda vape shop, will be donating a portion of our revenue to the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter; a no-kill animal shelter based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  We're big on giving back and this is the first time we're contributing to another organization in this manner.  We're happy to have Fat Panda join us on this endeavour in Manitoba and we hope to make this a habit so long as business continues to grow!

Canada's Vape Expo in Montreal was a huge success and, being our first exhibition, we've learned a lot that will help us with our future events.  We met some awesome people, ate some amazing food, and had a great time, overall.  We'll be sure to post some pictures of the event on our Instagram page.

We've got our Christmas tree up, secret Santa sign up sheet ready, and plenty of holiday cheer to go around.  If you have a moment, please visit our friends at the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter and see if you can't spread some cheer to a fur-baby in need.  They may just do the same for you :)



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