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Bill S-5


Canada's federal Bill is now underway and we need your help.  Ejuice flavours are under attack and so is your freedom of speech.  We welcome age restrictions in vape shops across Canada, so why should vapers in stores that are of age be forced to give up flavours that "could appeal to youths?"  Youths aren't in the stores buying.  Adults are, and adults depend on having access to palatable eliquid flavours to help them stay away from cigarettes.

They also want to make it illegal to compare vaping with tobacco in terms of harm.  We are effectively being silenced.  There is no good reason to prevent Canadians from sharing studies and discussing science, but Bill S-5 aims to make that illegal.

For more information and who you can contact, please visit our info page for Bill S-5 here:

Also be sure to send your emails to before April 13, and let them know how important access to vaping and flavours is to you.  This is for consideration with the new Federal Tobacco Control Strategy due for replacement in March of 2018.  Don't wait until it's too late.

-The TheraVape Team.

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