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This year, the industry is seeing new compliance requirements and TheraVape is on top of it.  Our website has already been updated to PCI compliance standards this year for security of your online transactions, but we've now added the Trustwave certification symbol as a friendly reminder that you're safe when shopping with us online!  Online stores that do not feature this symbol may put your credit card information at risk.

Future regulations will require manufacturing standards, and while they have not been determined yet, it is very likely the government will require ISO9001 or a similar standard.  In the spirit of being proactive, we became one of the first in the country to obtain ISO9001 certification.  This means that our products are ready for future regulations and that you're buying from a company with industry leading quality control.

With federal Bill S5 pending, there will be new requirements for all eliquid packaging as well.  While our products were close to fully compliant with CCCR2001 before, we'll be making small adjustments to ensure that they are legally acceptable once Bill S5 receives royal assent. 

It's important to note that products that do not meet CCCR2001 criteria will not be legal for sale in Canada once Bill S5 receives royal assent.  If you own a shop and carry such products, please contact your eliquid providers and request they change their packaging to become compliant or you may have to take their products down before a compliance officer pays your store a visit.  To date, the government has not indicated there will be any grace period for compliance.

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