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First Time Vaping Tips

vape 101

first time vaping

Whether you are a long time smoker trying to quit or someone who recently picked up the habit, you are brand new to vaping and are looking for tips on how to get started. Lucky for you, vaping is not a difficult hobby to get started with. While all the talk of wattage, ohms, tanks, mods, and juice might scare away people new to the hobby, it is relatively easy to pick up and start vaping. If you are new to the hobby, there are some things that you should know when you start vaping.

One of the first things you should know if you are switching to vaping from smoking is that the size of your drag is much larger when vaping. Compared to cigarettes, vapers can take drags as long as two or more seconds. The reason for this is that you taste more of the juice when you take a longer drag and that most tanks work best for longer drags then shorter ones. Longer drags allow you to draw in more vapour which is especially important if you are looking for larger clouds. No matter what your reason for vaping, you will find yourself taking longer drags then you are used to.

Another thing if you are just starting to vape is to start low. When you are just trying to get a feel for your new vape kit, it is important to start with a low wattage and work your way up to a wattage that you are comfortable with. Start around the bottom of your coil’s recommended wattage and work your way up in increments of 5 until you feel comfortable with the wattage. Burning out your mouth is not something that you want to do when you are just starting out, and you don’t want to be coughing or choking every time either.   

Once you have gotten used to using your new vape kit and have got everything set up just the way you want it, there is more you can do. Do not be afraid to go out and try new flavours. One of the advantages of vaping over traditional smoking is the different flavours that you can have. You can have fruits, baked goods, mint, tobacco, and even more different flavours. Having more than one flavour that you enjoy is important beyond variety, it helps to prevent the onset of vape tongue from occurring.

These are just some of the things that you should think of when you begin vaping. No matter what your reason for vaping, it is a welcome hobby that can help you kick your smoking habit. If you are interested in trying out premium, luxury e-liquid then Theravape has a liquid that is sure to meet your needs. All of our juices are sure to provide you with a satisfying flavour experience and are safe for you to use. We know that you want to be safe while you vape and we aim for the same things as you do.

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