How to Build a Coil for your RDA

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If you are someone who is giving rebuildable atomizers (RDA) a try, we are going to try and give you everything you need to know on how to build a coil for your RDA. Here is a step by step guide on how to build a coil for your RDA:

  • What Materials You Need

    • RDA of your choice
    • Resistance wire: Kanthal or NiChrome
    • A small blue 2mm screwdriver (often included with most RDAs)
    • Additional small screwdriver that fits your RDA’s screws
    • Small butane/propane torch (OPTIONAL)
    • Tweezers, needle nose pliers or forceps
    • Small wire cutters
    • Scissors

  • Before Getting Started
  • Now that you have all the supplies you need, your next step is to wrap the coils. But before you get started on wrapping, you need to figure out how many wraps your coil will need to reach the desire resistance. You can do this by searching a coil wrapping calculator online. Just enter the proper measurements and it will tell you how many wraps you need.

    (OPTIONAL) Then, oxidize the wire. To do this, cut a piece of your resistance wire. If you are a beginner, cut around 4 to 5 inches so you have something to hold onto. Then hold the end of your wire with your tweezer/pliers/forceps and light your torch. Carefully heat the wire at one end until it glows orange, then slowly move the torch down the entire length of the wire. Once it cooled down, grab the other end and repeat it. Doing this will make the wire less ‘springy’ and easier to work with.

    3a. Wrap Your Coil (Using screwdriver method)

    Put your wire at the top of the screwdriver, close to the handle. Hold the end of the wire nearest the screwdriver. Then wrap the wire around (do the required number of wraps). Try to keep the coils as close together as possible without overlapping. Doing this will keep the wire tight to eliminate as much slack as you can. Once you’ve reached the desired number of wraps, make sure that each lead is facing the same direction.  Once that’s done, hold one lead firmly with one hand, then pull the other lead with tweezers, and then repeat that step with the other lead. This will remove any extra slack your coil might have.  Make sure to not remove the coil from the screwdriver.

    3b. Wrap Your Coil (Using Coilmaster coiling rig)

    Select the bit for your desired coil inner diameter (usually 20 to 30 is best, which means 2.0mm and 3.0mm respectively) and install them onto your coiling rig.  Insert your wire through one of the holes on the side of the body, keeping just enough protruding to hold it in place with your thumb.  Grab the matching black piece for spinning the wire around your bit until you achieve the desired amount of wraps.  You don’t need to apply much pressure against the rest of the coil while wrapping.  This method is far easier than using a screwdriver, but you may be limited when using larger and more complex wires.

  • Installing Your Coil
  • Take the build deck of your RDA and loosen the post screws. Do not remove the screws completely. Then take the coil (still on the screwdriver) and place one lead in your positive post hold and the other in the negative post. Use the screwdriver that your coil is wrapped around and try to position the coil towards the center of your RDA. Once it is positioned, tighten the post screws. Make sure not to over tighten them and accidentally cut the wire inside the post. Once the coil is mounted, trim the leads as close to the posts as possible.

    There you have it! You’ve built your own coil for your RDA and all that’s left to do is test it out!


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