New label designs for Bill S5 and Changes to TheraVape Prime


With Bill S5 around the corner, we will be beginning to role out new labels to comply with the coming requirements.  While the juice and available flavours will not be impacted, there will be some graphical changes (warnings, larger poison symbols, etc.) and some changes to flavour names.

Right now, the Bill is undergoing committee review with HESA.  When they're done, it will be sent back to the House of Commons for a final reading and then it goes to a vote.  As it is currently written, assuming no applicable changes are made before the Bill is finalized, there will be restrictions on names and images that would indicate the flavour belongs to the following types: confectionery, energy drink, soda pop, dessert, or cannabis.  So some names like Key Lime Pie, Gummy Berry, Root Beer, etc. will need to be renamed.

TheraVape Prime (70vg:30pg) will now become harmonized with the old Fat Panda Premium clearance line (50vg:50pg) to cut down on redundant inventory.  The two will simply become TheraVape Prime.  To ensure that current users of higher power devices and starter pen users are covered, the new blend will become 60VG:40PG as old stock winds down.  The change will be unnoticeable but it will still work well in all devices.

Once we complete the harmonization of both lines, the current promotion for Fat Panda Premium clearance $30/120ml bottles will come to an end, but the TheraVape Prime line 120ml bottles will be reduced to a new permanent price of $39.99 (whereas the 120ml bottles for Prime currently cost $54.99.)  Of course, we're not about to roll that out the new pricing all of a sudden, so once the changes occur, our customers will get to enjoy a 2 month transition period at the old $30 pricepoint on all Prime bottles.  We'll make an announcement when this begins.

Lastly, we have added 3 new flavours to TheraVape Prime (Cherry Sucker, Grapezilla, OC), the names of which will change once current stock runs out and is replaced with new names.  S5 comes with challenges, but it could have been worse :)

-The TheraVape Team.

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