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Our New Winnipeg Vape Shop

Eden Sorrell

It's hard to believe it's already been 3 months.  Since officially launching our new Winnipeg vape shop addition at TheraVape HQ back in November of 2016, we have been committed to creating a fresh and welcoming experience for vapers.  Ample parking, friendly staff, no lingering vapour (thanks to our custom downdraft sampling bar), and a relaxed atmosphere.  In the beginning, we focused on providing mainly starter kits, accessories, authentic batteries (Only from Samsung, LG, Sony), mid-range equipment, our full lineup of eliquids and top-notch service.  Vapers in-town and online across Manitoba responded.  In just 3 months, we've been very fortunate in our growth and the steady stream of happy return-customers.  We couldn't be more humbled by the reception, Manitoba!

In our new and continuing journey to become Winnipeg's best vape shop (and Manitoba's best vape shop), we've been evolving our offerings to include higher-end equipment for the discerning collector, hobbyist and competition vaper.  That's why we've brought in an assortment of authentic Asmodus mods (Minikin v2, Ohmsmium, Stride CKS edition, Sylvanusa) and will soon be receiving our first order straight from Dotmod (Including the Petri v2, RTA, and Petri Lite mech mods).  We're also bringing in a few authentic AV Lyfe mechanical mods, and the latest from Smok (G320, GX350, TFV12) as well.  We've also got more DIY flavourings on the way.  Stay tuned as we continue bringing you the best from around the world and for our upcoming line of ejuice!

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