Should Vaping Be Allowed Indoors?


vaping indoors

Generally speaking, vaping in public, indoors spaces is frowned upon and not allowed. There are some good reasons for this. Rooms can fill up with vapour pretty quickly, and flavours do have scents that can linger. There is one specific case, currently being recommended by Public Health England, where vaping indoors can be positive, and that is, surprisingly, in hospitals.

Many patients in hospitals who smoke, or are struggling to quit, end up in a tight spot. Quitting smoking abruptly, while sometimes causing no symptom, can cause withdrawal such as coughing, insomnia, plus other stomach and digestive issues. It is often referred to as "smoker's flu." When you are already in the hospital, either sick or recovering from surgery, then the chances are that you will make it outside to a designated smoking area are quite slim. Already being sick though, and having to deal with "smokers flu" can compound patients' symptoms. Public Health England believes that e-cigarettes are the answer to this.

Public Health England wants to introduce vaping lounges into hospitals, and for patients that have single rooms to be allowed to vape in their rooms. They also want GPs to write prescriptions for e-cigarette devices so that they can encourage more people to trade in cigarettes for vaping. One reason for this is because experts from King's College London as well as the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies, suggest that e-cigarette usage is helping 57,000 smokers quit each year.

Education is key to this switchover, as many people do not know that vaping is, at the very least, 95% less harmful than smoking. That is a monumental decrease and is one reason why Public Health England is getting behind vaping as a tool to help quit smoking.

One of the other reasons that Public Health England is getting behind vaping is that it is an alternative to smoking for pregnant women. While research is currently only underway regarding pregnant women switching from smoking to e-cigarettes, the consensus is that it is better to be vaping than it is to be smoking. Once there is more research on the topic then it will hopefully solidify this view, and while it would not be recommended for a pregnant woman to pick up vaping, vaping is significantly less harmful than smoking.

While there are practical reasons why vaping should not be allowed in all public, indoor spaces at all times, there are specific places that we should be more open to. Public Health England has it right. Vaping is a much better option than smoking cigarettes, and while it is easy to tell someone to quit, when they are in a vulnerable position, like being sick at a hospital, that can be a lot to ask. Vaping and allowing patients to vape inside the hospital in designated areas can help.

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