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Taking your Vape on an Airplane in Canada



Vacation time is almost upon us! You may have already booked your spring or summer trip to a beautiful Province to visit family or just to get away for a week. When you are packing for your trip, you may forget to properly pack your e-cigarette which will end up in the hands of the security officer.

To avoid any problems with your e-cig and to make sure your juice is stored legally, you have to follow the Government of Canada’s travel laws. This blog is for Canadians traveling within Canada. If you are traveling to the US or an international destination, the rules and regulations about traveling with your e-cig may differ from the Canadian laws.

Checked baggage

You are not allowed to store your e-cigarette in your checked baggage! Back in the day you could pack them in your bags, but there was a recent law that states nobody can store their e-cigarettes or any accessories in their checked luggage. This is due to concerns about lower quality vapes, unregulated vape devices and low quality lithium ion batteries being fire hazards.

Carry-on luggage

The good news is that you are allowed to pack your e-cigarette and your accessories into your carry-on bag! There are, however, a few rules you have to follow. The first is that you can’t vape in the airport or on the airplane. If you do, the smoke detector will more than likely go off, which will just cause a lot of unwanted problems and fines that you don’t want to deal with.

The next rule deals with your juice. They follow the same rules as other permitted liquids, meaning you have to store them in a clear 100ml bottle (or less) and then sealed into a clear plastic bag that cannot exceed one litre. Each passenger is allowed only one plastic bag filled with liquids. When you are packing your juices, be aware that you’ll have to pack it in the same plastic bag as your other liquids, so only pack your favourite flavours!

It’s also recommended that you disconnect the battery from your device before boarding the plane, just in the rare case that it does cause a fire hazard.

If your tank has any liquid in it, the pressure change can cause your tank to leak so you should either store your tank in a plastic bag with paper towels or you can dump your tank before traveling.

If you are required to check your carry-on bag at the gate, let the flight attendant know that you have an e-cigarette in it, more often than not they will allow you to take it out and bring it onto the plane with you.

If you are traveling to the States, the TSA has a blog on their site that details their rules and regulations about traveling with an e-cigarette.

Have a great vacation and use these tips to properly pack and store your e-cigarette and your accessories! It will save you a lot of headaches, money, and stress!

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