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Top 6 Vape Tricks

top vape tricks


While a lot of technical ingenuity goes into making an e-cigarette work, they really can be just plain fun. This is because e-cigarettes are great for tricks, better than standard cigarettes. There are even global competitions now where vaping trick aficionados can showcase their tricks and talents. If you want to have a little fun when you vape then here are six tricks that you will love to try for yourself and show off to your friends.

The Ghost Hit

This trick is perfect for beginners, and if you're lucky, then you might just be able to do it on your first try. To do it you take a mouth to lung hit and let it linger in your mouth, and then open your mouth in an O shape. Let the vapour exit in a ball shape and close your mouth quickly to allow it to form a ball outside of your mouth.

The Dragon

This is another really easy trick that should get you on your way to more difficult tricks. Take a drag and then use force to exhale through the corners of your mouth and your nose at the same time. Make sure you close your mouth tight in the middle, and you will look like a dragon breathing fire in no time.

French Inhale

To do a French inhale, you have to let vapour slowly out of your mouth while inhaling through your nose to tug the vapour back into your lungs. The trick here is to not blow the vapour out of your mouth, but just to let it exit naturally.

Smoke Rings

This is everyone's go-to vape or cigarette trick. Making rings out of vapour is a bit trickier than other tricks. To do this, you take a deep drag that you keep inside of your throat. Keeping your tongue at the bottom of your mouth, towards the back of your throat you create an O shape with your mouth and then push the vapour out using a pulsing movement with your throat. This should get you the rings that you want. It might take a little bit of practice though.

The Jellyfish

Also known as the Force Field or the Atomic Bomb, you make a small O inside a larger ring, where they join up to form a jellyfish-like a shape. Blow an O ring and pull it back towards yourself by using the palms of your hands to expand the size of the O. From here, you perform a ghost behind the O and it should pull through the middle of the O, creating the jellyfish.


This can be done through manipulation of an O ring. What you want to do is blow an O ring and then tap down on either side of the O to bend it into a triangle. Timing is everything with this trick.

What you'll need!

There is a lot of fun to be had with vape tricks. To do them, you will need to stock up, though, as practice does make perfect. TheraVape has all the vape hardware, e-liquids, and accessories. You will be able to nail the hardest tricks with our gear. Order today!

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