VGOD Review at TheraVape (Part 1)

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We've now had over a month to test the waters with our VGOD mods, mechs and atomizers.  What can we say?  They're fantastic!  We're told the warranty support is awesome, but we haven't had any issues come up, which is even better.

Vgod mods and Vgod atomizers

VGOD Pro150

The VGod Pro150 mod uses textured, real aircraft grade carbon fibre, the fit and finish are impeccable, and the finish on the mods have held up very well during use.  It delivers solid power output all the way until the batteries run out at 3.5V.  There is no decrease in output as the batteries get low, until you're down to 3.5V.  The batteries also drain very evenly.  By the time the batteries hit the charger, the pair will show 3.5 and 3.51 at  worst, which is good news for your batteries.  

The buttons have a nice quality feel to them and work perfectly.  The screen is a no nonsense affair, showing you what you want to see without any clutter.  The magnets on the battery door are super strong so you never have to worry about the door coming off by accident either.

You can change modes to straight mech mode, temp control, or Pro mode which gives you the option to set a power curve in 1 second intervals.  This is great for using big coil builds that take time to ramp up.  Start your power higher than normal, and gradually decrease to where you would normally have it, then a bit lower to prevent it from getting too hot.  It's perfect for aliens, claptons, and similar builds.

VGOD Pro Mech Mods

The VGOD Pro Mech Mods are available in copper or aluminum body.  They feel excellent in the hand and the engraved logo is a nice touch.  The button has a firm feel with the use of a very smooth spring.  The mech mod is self-adjusting for the battery so you don't get any rattling inside that you see with other mods on the market.

Maintaining this mod, like with most, is key to optimal performance.  Initially, you will want to disassemble the button to clean out the machine oil that's present.  Every so often, you can check the threads too for buildup.  This can be cleaned out with a brush or a dental pick.  

While it doesn't hit the hardest of all mechs out there (a bit less than Dotmod), it does perform well with the right build.  The battery compartment is sleeved so battery wraps aren't as big of a safety concern and the compartment includes several cooling vents along the body to keep your battery cool.  Still, we recommend using proper batteries like the Sony VTC 4 (found here) and the LG HB6 (found here) for better performance and safety.

In Part 2, we'll focus on the atomizers, including the RDA and the RDTA.  As much as we love the mods, the real gems are their atomizers and we'll show you why :)

-The TheraVape Team.

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