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What is Popcorn Lung? Should you be Concerned?


what is popcorn lung

When it comes to vaping, there is a large worry of hidden health concerns that are going undocumented. Being a new technology, these worries are understandable. One of the most prominent health concerns that people have about vaping is something known as popcorn lung. Popcorn lung is something that people talk about as it is one of the most significant and most known problems that affected early adopters of vaping. However, that was only at the start of vaping’s life, and popcorn lung is all but gone from the hobby.

One of the first things that we need to talk about is exactly what popcorn lung is. The proper name for popcorn lung is bronchiolitis obliterans and it is a respiratory illness. Long ago, workers in popcorn factories found themselves having difficulty breathing after their time in the factory. It was discovered that a chemical that was being used to flavour the popcorn was causing their lung’s smallest airways to become damaged. This led to coughing and breathing problems.

The reason that popcorn lung and vaping have been tied together is that some early e-liquid flavours used a chemical known as diacetyl to help create a buttery flavour. Early e-liquid was made from whatever people could reasonably get. This led to many liquids featuring very different ingredients and different companies combining different ingredients to create new flavours. This early field of creation lent itself to a “wild-west world” where there were very few regulations and people just tried a wide variety of different things. This wild-west of creation lent itself to people trying whatever they could do. One common ingredient that people turned to for a buttery flavour in their liquids was diacetyl.

As vaping has grown from something more grassroots into something much more official, there has been a push to regulate and have some control over the elements included in juices. As such, the vaping world has all but pretty much-phased diacetyl out of its liquids. This means that more and more liquids are safe to use. Avoid unknown liquids that come from untrustworthy places. Juices sold in stores should all be safe and free from diacetyl.

There should be no concerns with vaping in today’s age. With the community as a whole being more concerned with their health and a growing push to regulation, there is less concern about the well-being of people who choose to vape as there is much less risk involved. Popcorn lung is a scary thing, as most respiratory illnesses are, but it is not a concern with the vaping community as it has moved on from using diacetyl towards healthier alternatives. Many people argue that vaping is a healthier alternative and popcorn lung is what is used against vaping. This is no longer the case as popcorn lung is all but an afterthought to the vaping community.

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