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Which Tank Should I Get?

With devices ranging from 12W to 150W and beyond, there's a big range to explore.  First time vapers may find it overwhelming and even experienced vapers may not have found the perfect combination of tank, power, and ejuice yet.  As a retailer, we're faced with deciding which devices to bring in and which to pass on.  

Being an eliquid manufacturer first, we have the benefit of a large network of vendors in Canada that we are able to rely on when we need second opinions.  We carefully scrutinize current and upcoming products, selecting only companies with better track records for quality.  This way you can be spared from bad experiences with fad brands and products.  We'll explore some of our current favourite offerings here for you to help make your decision even easier.

Smok Brit Mini Flavour Tank

Few tanks ever excite us these days, but never did we think we'd get so excited over a starter tank!  It is a nice size for many devices including the Brit Mini kit it is native to.  Airflow is best for mouth to lung, but it still provides a bunch of vapour.  What excites us about this tank though, is the flavour!  Even without the massive clouds you can get with bigger tanks, the flavour shines like few others do.  There are two coil options (0.6ohm and 1.2ohm) to choose from.  We prefer the 1.2ohm coil to get the flavour that has us so enamoured.  Set your device to 20-25W for optimal flavour with our 70VG ejuice.  You won't be disappointed.  For the 0.6ohm coil, try 30-35W.

Baby Beast and Big Baby Beast

The Baby and Big Baby Beast tanks use the same family of coils, giving you a great set of choices for power, flavour, and clouds.  The main difference is in the capacity (3ml vs 5ml).  The 0.15ohm X4 coil makes an excellent upgrade to the stock but also good 0.4ohm Q2 coil.  Both work great at 50W, but the X4 gives better flavour AND lasts longer in our experience.  Try the T8 though if you're going for max flavour!

UWell Crown 2

UWell makes solid products and this one is no exception.  Solid build, a nice average size tank and allowance for a good amount of airflow.  This is one of the best tanks on the market for flavour and quality, so we have no problem recommending it to our customers.  Everything about it from the threads to the airflow control just feel robust and smooth.  Make sure you close the airflow control before refilling ejuice and you shouldn't have to deal with annoying air hole leaks.  With the 0.25ohm coil, you will enjoy a nice cool vape at 60 - 75W to a warm and more flavourful vape at 90W.  It'll take even more, but as you go up in power, coils eventually die sooner.


They call it the Beast tank.  Throw in a stock Q4 0.15ohm coil, crank it to 90W and close down the airflow a bit for some impressive flavour.  Open up the airflow all the way, push it to 140W with a good set of Sony VTC4 batteries, and you will be amazed with the flavour if you're into a warmer vape.  The clouds get big though, so just be ready for it :)  Pro Tip: Throw a tank band on the top portion of the tank, covering the juice door and top of the glass to prevent leakage out the side air holes.

Honourable Mention:

The brand new UWell D1 tank is advertised as being "leak free," and when you see the revolutionary design, you'll understand why.  It's top airflow, between two layers of Pyrex glass, which goes around and under the coil, and then up through the center chimney.  We have yet to put it through its paces, but initial impressions from our customers has been very good!

Let us know if you have any tanks you prefer to these.  We'd love to hear your thoughts!

-The TheraVape Team.

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