New Changes to Salt Nic Ejuice

Key Takeaways:

  1. Our salt nicotine strength is changing and the numbers on the bottle will be stronger than the numbers you're used to, in accordance with the new regulations and nicotine testing standard.
  2. A new 20mg/mL salt nic ejuice will now be as strong as an old 36mg/mL.
  3. A new 10mg/mL salt nic ejuice will now be as strong as an old 18mg/mL.
  4. Not all manufacturers or retailers will understand this situation just yet until the information has had sufficient time to disseminate, and be incorporated into business processes.
  5. 35mg/mL users are safe, but 50mg/mL is gone. Long live 50mg/mL...

Long Winded Explanation:

With the new nicotine regulation in Canada, 20mg/mL is the maximum nicotine concentration we can now sell. There is a small silver lining though. There wasn't broad consensus about how nicotine salts should be expressed until Health Canada recently specified an ISO testing protocol to determine the nicotine concentration in eliquids for the purpose of enforcement. 

Why does this matter? Some companies like ourselves erred on the side of caution to be compliant with the first TVPA (Tobacco and Vapour Products Act - 2018) nicotine cap, which was 66mg/mL up until July 23, 2021, and expressed salt nicotine concentration based on the mass of the nicotine salt molecule. This was before any ISO testing protocol had been specified, of course. In fact, salt nicotine wasn't even on the radar when the TVPA was drafted. The nicotine benzoate salt solution we use has a starting concentration of 180mg/mL. Of that 180mg mass in 1 mL of solution, 100mg is actually nicotine and 80mg represents the mass of the salt molecule. From there, we would dilute it with PG, VG and flavouring to make legally compliant ejuice. The choice for the manufacturer back in 2018 was to use the 180 value and be compliant for certain with the TVPA nic cap when selling a "66mg/mL" nicotine product, or else use the 100 value and risk enforcement action if the government ended up basing their testing on the 180 value (E.g. the whole nicotine salt molecule).

Since we and many of our competitors were displaying salt nicotine concentration but only 55.6% of that value was actually nicotine, this means that a 60mg/mL bottle of salt nicotine you're used to would be expressed as 33.3mg/mL in terms of ONLY the nicotine, ignoring the salt molecule. In other words, on a new label as of July 23, 2021, 20mg/mL is actually as strong as what we and many others would have labeled a 36mg/mL, previously. 

The following image shows why a 180mg/mL solution of the nicotine benzoate salt would be expressed as 100mg/mL of nicotine, if we exclude the benzoate salt from the concentration statement on our labels. With the new regulations and ISO 20714 standard for testing nicotine content, this is how all vaping companies should be expressing nicotine salt going forward, but companies that aren't aware of this may still be expressing the full nicotine-salt concentration, which in this case would be 180mg/mL. 

nicotine benzoate salt mass

Essentially, if you vape at 35mg/mL salt nicotine, then buying the new-label 20mg/mL solution (which only measures nicotine, NOT salt molecule) will still basically get you there. As of July 23, 2021, buying premixed 20mg/mL VG+PG nicotine gives you a base that is equivalent to 36mg/mL, in pre-nic-cap terms. This is great for 35mg/mL vapers, but unfortunately there is no simple solution for 50mg/mL users, other than to cut back nicotine and tough it, vape more to get more nicotine, or increase the device power. Basically if you vape twice the volume, you get twice the nicotine and so forth. You will use more juice, battery charge and coils, but you get the same amount of nicotine as before the nic cap and more flavour.

This is difficult to explain and may be a lot to understand, so we've made a table to provide a visual aid. If this still doesn't make sense, please feel free to email us and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have. 

theravape salt nicotine chart

As of today, July 24, 2021, many companies are still trying to figure out what to do with all this. Up until now, most retailers were on the same page with how nicotine was expressed, but it's highly likely that not all vape businesses will know or understand all this before reconfiguring for the "new" 20mg/mL salt nic ejuice, as will now be required under the new regulations and ISO 20714 testing standard.
If you buy a competitor salt nic juice and it tastes/feels the same strength as before, then either a) they were already using the now correct nicotine-only concentration (E.g. not salt-nic concentration), or; b) it's almost certain they're still using the old salt nic value and thus you're getting less actual nicotine content with their 20mg/mL vs our new 20mg/mL. If you vape a competitor's new salt nic 20 and it IS as strong as ours, they're up to speed with the topic of this post.
Again, we hope we've done a good enough job to distill and explain the new changes, but we're always here to answer additional questions you may have. Thanks and take care!

Bonus: Straight from the horse's mouth

The following comes straight from the new nicotine cap regulations and specifies the testing protocol, which must be what is now used on the nicotine expression of the packaging:

Standard — maximum nicotine concentration

4 (1) For the purposes of section 7.2 of the Act, a vaping product must not contain nicotine in a concentration that exceeds 20 mg/mL when the vaping substance is tested using the International Organization for Standardization standard ISO 20714, entitled E-liquid — Determination of nicotine, propylene glycol and glycerol in liquids used in electronic nicotine delivery devices — Gas chromatographic method, as amended from time to time.


Conversion of units of measure

(2) The nicotine concentration expressed in mg/mL must be obtained by multiplying the results of the test conducted in accordance with ISO 20714, expressed in mg/g, by the density of the vaping substance, expressed in g/mL.

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  • David Steinbach on

    Thanks so much for news that should have been known long before now!
    Please spread the word, keep helping people choose a less harmful option with 35 mg still available!

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