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Looking for a new tank to put on your vape setup? This is the right place

Tanks come in a variety of brands, sizes and configurations, which of course means a million choices. Well that's too much hassle. We've done our homework and taken the guess work out for you. These are our favorite picks based on flavor, usability, reliability and quality. This section includes RTAs and RDTAs, which stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomizers, and Rebuildable Dripper Tank Atomizers.  An RTA requires you to build your own custom coils, which saves you money for a little extra time, but it puts you in the driver's seat for how your ejuice will taste.  The difference between an RTA and an RDTA is that you can opt to use the tank OR drip directly onto your coils with an RDTA. Browse away and give your TheraVape E-liquid a good home :)



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