Important Public Notice Regarding Your Health

Please note that the following harmful ingredients are not found in any eliquids we produce or otherwise sell to our customers:

vitamin e acetate (aka tocopherol acetate)

fats or lipids

added food colourings

Your health is paramount to us, so we make sure to include only the minimum ingredients needed to make a less harmful alternative to smoking available to you.  This includes USP glycerin, USP propylene glycol, USP nicotine, and food grade flavourings.  We do not believe in adding anything else that could potentially harm your health when vaporized, such as vitamins (illegal per the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act), oils or added colourings.  We are an ISO9001 accredited manufacturer with with globally recognized quality control standards.

The latest information indicates that unregulated and illegally produced home brew THC products are the current focus on the investigation into the sudden string of respiratory illnesses sweeping across the United States.  Nothing "strange" has been found in any of the nicotine-based eliquids tested by the FDA or CDC.  No Canadian or person elsewhere in the world has been affected.  This points directly to a new product found only in the United States.  Thank you for your support and trust as we continue to produce tobacco harm reduction products.

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