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Making your own eliquids - 101

Mixing up DIY eliquids can be challenging, especially for beginners, so we'll break down the basic steps in this DIY guide, and we'll provide instructions on how to perform the necessary calculations.  DIY mixing is about exploration, so we'll help you get started, and after that, it will all come down to trial and error and personal preference as people all tend to enjoy different flavours.  There are also online communities you can look to for recipe ideas such as alltheflavors, ELR and DIYordie.   Equipment for small batches: -1ml syringes for flavourings -10ml syringes for VG and PG -Bottle to...

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Changes for 2023

As we inch closer to 2023, there is one big change coming, with several consequent changes to be aware of. Of course, the big elephant in the room is the new federal vaping excise tax. We are federally licensed to manufacture vaping products under the new excise regime, which will allow us to continue making your favourite Theravape e-liquids and we are ready to have our stamps in place at the turn of the new year, when all e-liquids, e-liquid containing pods, and disposable vapes will be legally required to be stamped. Of course, this means more cost, but thankfully,...

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New Federal Excise Tax

Please note that with the new vape tax, any ejuice, pods, disposable vapes, or other vape products containing ejuice manufactured after October 1, will be subject to the new federal vaping excise tax across Canada. Existing stock that was produced before October 1 can still be sold until January 1 without this new tax being applied. We have stocked up to get us by until January 1 as best we can, but as we approach this date, you will see more products transition over to ones with excise tax stamps applied to them. Trust us when we say we are as frustrated...

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Nicotine Limit Coming

The day appears to be set for July 23, but it looks like the 20mg/mL cap is now official. This means that any eliquids or pods above 20mg/mL will no longer be legal for sale after July 23, 2021. Please consider stocking up to get by, but as we've been advising our in-store customers for the past few months, do your best to step down to 20mg/mL as soon as you can.  How can you reduce your nicotine level this quickly? It may be tough, but we have a few suggestions for people that find it difficult to transition down this...

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New Canadian Child Resistant Requirements

As you may or may not know, tanks and pods are required to be CRC (certified child resistant) this year, due to new regulations, but manufacturers are still working on getting these products to market.  COVID-19 made certification testing impossible for several months in 2020, which caused production delays but these products are finally starting to trickle into the market.  As they become available, we'll be switching over to ensure all of our products are compliant.  Thankfully, with COVID-19 also came difficulties in enforcement, so Health Canada gave a notice to industry that we generally have some extra time to...

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New Arrivals at Theravape

We've added some new hardware at Theravape!  Choose from 3 different compact vapes to suit your individual vaping needs. Voopoo Drag X, Voopoo Drag X, and Allo Disposables.

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New advertising restrictions in Canada

Health Canada released their new guidelines for vape product advertising restrictions, dated June 26.  It establishes new rules for how vape products can be advertised across Canada where there are no conflicting provincial regulations in place.  We had a brief read through it and are happy to report that our customers are not likely to be impacted by these new regulations. The objective of the new regs is to reduce youth inducement while balancing the needs of smokers and vapers.  In our view, they did an excellent job, understanding that vape shops are already age-restricted spaces and focusing their efforts...

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Which Tank Should I Get?

With devices ranging from 12W to 150W and beyond, there's a big range to explore.  First time vapers may find it overwhelming and even experienced vapers may not have found the perfect combination of tank, power, and ejuice yet.  As a retailer, we're faced with deciding which devices to bring in and which to pass on.   Being an eliquid manufacturer first, we have the benefit of a large network of vendors in Canada that we are able to rely on when we need second opinions.  We also have an enthusiastic team that keeps their fingers on the pulse of the...

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