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If you vape, coils are life

We carry a wide selection of replacement coils for your vape. If we're missing yours, let us know and we'll try to add it to the collection. Under typical circumstances, you can expect most coils to last anywhere from 5-7 days before your ejuice starts to taste burnt.  There are sometimes exceptions that will last 1-2 weeks on the high end.  Always remember to prime your new coils before installation by applying some ejuice to the open cotton, assembling the tank, and filling it with ejuice.  You can then let it sit for a few minutes, or else close off the airflow control ring and suck through the tank 5-10 times to start using it sooner.  Always start at a power level (Watts) about 10-20% lower than you normally use with the same coil and gradually raise the power as you use it over the first half hour or so.  This will prolong coil life by reducing coil hot spots that can burn the cotton early on.



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