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E-Liquids by Healthcare Professionals

TheraVape Inc. is one of Canada's premier E-liquid manufacturers, founded in 2013.  We are different from other manufacturers because we are led by former healthcare professionals who are continuing to professionalize the industry through Safety, Advocacy, Compliance and Accountability.  What this means to you is stringent quality control, TVPA compliant lab tested products, batch traceability, and rapid order processing times. 

SACA Principles

Our mission is to help professionalize the vape industry with our core values in order to keep smokers switching to a less harmful alternative, while helping combat and prevent youth uptake.


  • Clean handling techniques
  • ISO9001 accreditation for quality control
  • Consistent production processes with high precision equipment


  • Full product traceability
  • 3rd party ejuice testing
  • 2 person batching


  • TVPA compliant products
  • CCCR2001 and CCPSA compliant packaging with certified child resistant bottles


  • Active with government consultation and sharing information with our partners
  • Involvement with the Canadian Vaping Association and former board director for the Electronic Cigarette Trade Association
  • Highly involved with defending against competing interest groups during creation of vaping Bill in Manitoba

We saw an unprecedented opportunity to reduce the social burdens caused by tobacco, so we made the difficult decision to leave our professional careers on a mission to help others become smoke free. Now instead of helping just one person at a time, we're helping thousands. TheraVape is proud to be a member of the Canadian Vaping Association, with one of our co-founders being a former director for the Electronic Cigarette Trade Association.

The TheraVape Way

Coming from the healthcare industry, our focus has always been on integrity, advocacy, and providing you the safest vaping experience possible. This is why our eLiquids are third-party tested for potentially harmful diketones (such as diacetyl) at Enthalpy Analytical in Durham, North Carolina. It's also the reason we've always kept ourselves involved at the forefront of Manitoban Provincial and Canadian Federal legislation. We fight hard for your right to a safer alternative to smoking. Our results are available in our Test Results section and are a testament to the care and diligence that goes into developing our eLiquids.

TheraVape eLiquids are two-person batched and recorded so we can trace each and every bottle back to its origin. Having two sets of eyes is how medication errors are prevented in the medical industry and we see it as equally necessary in our eLiquids. Our high-precision mixing equipment allows for 99.95% accuracy, ensuring consistent flavour from batch to batch. We're also one of the only ISO9001:2015 accredited eLiquid manufacturers in Canada, so you can be confident in our product quality control and traceability.

As an industry leader, we have a strong focus on corporate citizenship, integrity and advocacy.  We're more than just an ejuice maker.  We work hard to protect your right to vape.

Lastly, we only use USP grade nicotine, glycerine and propylene glycol, plus food grade flavorings for the highest quality vaping experience. Try a bottle of TheraVape today and if it finds a way into your list of favourites, please tell a friend. Let's change the vaping world together!