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Juul Review

There has been an unprecedented amount of hype and marketing behind the Juul compared to any other vape device in history.  Their deep pockets have made sure that you have most likely heard of them, but they've also attracted some negative attention in the media as a result.  Juul Canada has finally made these available North of the American border after much back and forth with the government so we're happy to finally have one to test.  Do they really live up to all the hype though?  Package Contents: Rechargeable Juul Device USB charging Cable USB charging Dock Four Juul...

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Suorin Air Review

Pod systems have recently been making waves in the vape industry, which has mainly been dominated by high power devices over the past few years.  It’s a throwback to the low output, high nicotine setups that started everything.  The difference today with these pod systems lies in the more contemporary styling, pressure-activated triggering, and improved design that allows them to use thicker juices that were formerly only usable in bigger setups.   Package contents: Suorin Air V2 system Micro USB Cable Suorin Air Pod Instruction Manual Listed Features and Specs: Refillable Plug-Seal Cartridge 2mL Pod Capacity 400mAh Rechargeable Battery Direct...

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