Geekvape Aegis Legend Review

Geekvape Aegis Legend Review

geekvape legend snakeskin canada

Vapers always worry about damaging or breaking their mods, especially if they've spent good money on premium equipment and happen to work physically demanding jobs where things get thrown around. Most companies manufacture mods that are durable enough to hold up for average day to day use, but they can always end up damaged if dropped. Luckily, Geekvape has made a series of mods that is both appealing and durable for the average or hardworking vaper. Geekvape claims the Aegis Legend to be "The Indestructible Beast," but does it really hold up to the title?

Package Contents: 
Aegis Legend Mod
USB Charging Cable for Firmware and Updates
User Manual
Spare Parts Pack

Listed Features and Specs:
3 Month Manufacturers Warranty
Advanced AS chipset powers up to 200w with colored display screen
IP67 water resistant, able to withstand immersion for up to 30 minutes at a depth of up to 1 meter
Shock resistant, able to withstand natural drop from up to 2 meters high
Dual 18650 battery compatible
Dust resistant (IP67), able to withstand dirty environment and can be easily cleaned
Max power output: 200w
Output mode: Adjustable output
Shell material: Aluminum + Zinc alloy + Silicone
Physical dimension: 30.60 x 58.60 x 90.30mm 
Battery capacity: External
Shell color: Black
Charging specifications: 5V 1A
Battery low voltage warning: 6.6V ± 0.1V
PCBA temperature alarm: 85C
Max single output duration: 10s
Maximum voltage output: 9V ± 0.1V
Operating temperature: 0 ~ 40 C

The Mod:
On of first glance, the Aegis Legend is a very gorgeous mod, though some may find it bulky. The Legend fits well in the hand and looks amazing with 22 and 24mm atomizers. The LSR silicone outer shell gives a pleasant amount of grip in the hand without grabbing lint or dust. With the leather backing, it gives the mod a very sleek appearance with a different character depending on trim style (prism with black leather, beige with snakeskin leather, or black with black leather.)


The trim pieces are made of die-cast aluminum, wrapped in black leather with a coloured stitch seam that compliments the selected trim style.  The section of the mod with the leather backing is very well made and is slightly cushioned but it has a nice, firm feel.

The top section of the mod is made out of stainless steel powder metallurgy and ensures the 510 connection remains in place with no damage. The buttons are also made out of the same die-casted aluminum as the trim. The buttons are very comfortable and give a firm feel with a nice amount of resistance when activated. The battery door is made out of 40hrc carbon steel securing the batteries and assisting with the water resistant claim.

The AS chipset is very accurate with a quick loading screen and delivers a powerful vape experience. The screen itself is very appealing to the eyes as it is large and quite simple to manage. The options for your vape experience range from TCR in NI200, SS316, Titanium, temperature curve, regular wattage, and bypass mode which acts as a unregulated mod. Geekvape has claimed the mod to be IP67 waterproof, able to withstand immersion for up to 30 minutes, and at a depth of up to 1 meter. The mod is also shock resistant so there's little need to worry about the mod breaking from an accident. The Legend is more durable than the previous version of the Aegis but on their website they advise not dropping it from heights above 1 meter when batteries are equipped (previous reviewers claimed 2 story drop was survivable). Doing so can result in battery damage internally or compromising of the waterproof capabilities. The mod is also IP67 dust proof so it can withstand dirty environments or conditions and can be cleaned easily. The mod was tested under controlled laboratory conditions thus giving it the IP67 rating. With all of the high grade materials used in production the mod has extreme durability. 

Cost- The cost for the mod itself is $89.99 which is an amazing price for such a high quality mod. The material used in production of the mod speaks for itself in terms of durability. The price is comparable to other mods on the market but in terms of durability not many would stand a chance against the Aegis Legend.

Durability- The mod itself is also known as "The Indestructible Beast" which is quite a fitting name for all of the claimed features. From personal usage we've found the mod to hold up to the water resistant statement made by Geekvape. As well as the integrity of the mod holding up when being dropped with only a minor dent on the base of the mod. The screen came with a screen protector installed that gave a membrane like feel, but was sturdy enough to protect the screen from any damages. The battery door is very solid and will not open when placed or played with casually. 

The mod does come with an available update on the Geekvape website that does increase the battery life of the mod when used. With the chip used it keeps the options quite simple and visible for the average consumer or even the hobbyist. 

There are a few things that could be considered such as the mod not fitting 20700's as the previous Aegis did. The mod having a "finger print magnet" screen, but generally most mods will. We only experienced a battery life drain once, but that can easily be resolved with their latest firmware update. The battery door itself may be a bit difficult to close but it's just a matter of getting accustomed to it. 

The Aegis Legend is the perfect mod for your average vaper, someone who enjoys the outdoors, or works in very rough conditions. If someone was looking to upgrade to a sturdy dual battery mod we'd recommend the Aegis Legend wholeheartedly. With so many great dual battery mods being released it's hard to really compare all the chips, but one thing Geekvape does have over competitors is durability. It is marketed as "The Indestructible Beast" and it lives up to the name. Mod's that are this durable are hard to come across, especially for this price.

The only question we've noticed would be battery drain issues, the solution to that would be firmware update on the Geekvape website. 

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