Attention DIY Vapers!

Attention DIY Vapers!

TheraVape has had the pleasure of growing alongside the vaping community these past 3 years and as some matured into full fledged-DIY'ers, looking to make their own ejuice, our offerings and their needs drifted apart...  

Well, we made a boat to find our way back.  By sailing the heck out of this metaphorical boat, we'd love to win our DIY fans over now!  Introducing DIY Vape Supplies - Canada's home for do-it-yourself vapers!

Over 150 flavours to choose from at our DIY Vape Supplies online shop, plus vaping gear, tools, bottles, labels, and more!  Nicotine is also available upon request.  Check out today and let's keep building upon our great vape community!

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