TheraVape is now ISO9001 accredited


In our continuing effort to provide our customers the highest quality experience, we are proud to announce that TheraVape is now an ISO9001:2015 accredited company.  We are among the first eliquid manufacturers and retail companies to accomplish this in Canada.

What this means for our customers is that our quality management is now at a standard that is internationally recognized and is used in government and the private sector.  This provides an even greater level of consistency, better ingredient traceability, and implementations for quality assurance, both in our products and our services.

While it is not yet mandated by the government, this accreditation is a necessary component of any manufacturing company, regardless of industry.  We would rather be ahead of the curve, pushing for higher quality standards from all industry participants than sit, waiting for the Government to make it mandatory.  You deserve better than home-brew ejuice with fancy labels and the minimum requirements to get into stores.  In 2017 with Federal regulations looming, we're past the point where that is acceptable.  Insist on quality when you shop for your vaping products.

We would like to thank our amazing consultant Chris from ISOlocity.  Without his guidance, this process would have taken far more time, research, energy and money.  If you're looking to bring your company up to the ISO9001 standard, contact Chris at ISOlocity to get set up today!  Help us build a stronger and more reputable vape industry.

theravape eliquid iso9001 canada

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  • rick mcleod on

    way to go guys.i am proud to be one of your many customers.this is fantastic,

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