Changes for 2023

As we inch closer to 2023, there is one big change coming, with several consequent changes to be aware of. Of course, the big elephant in the room is the new federal vaping excise tax.

We are federally licensed to manufacture vaping products under the new excise regime, which will allow us to continue making your favourite Theravape e-liquids and we are ready to have our stamps in place at the turn of the new year, when all e-liquids, e-liquid containing pods, and disposable vapes will be legally required to be stamped. Of course, this means more cost, but thankfully, it's still cheaper than cigarettes. Please refer to our last blog post for exact tax amounts based on container sizes.

Consequently, there will be changes to some of our policies that are impacted by the new tax. We are busy at work making these changes and will post a comprehensive list of changes in the coming week.

Over the next few days, we are getting our tax-stamped replacements ready to launch, stamping our inventory, and conducting year-end counts, which will keep us busy to say the least. We hope this will be a fairly seamless transition and we thank you for your patience.

Lastly, most of our team will be taking a much needed vacation from January 5 to January 12. During this time, our Sterling Lyon location will be closed, but we will have a crew over at our Keewatin location for local shopping and online order fulfillment. There may be slight delays in online order processing during this time, but it should be smooth overall. Please wish our guys a safe trip as they decompress from 3 years of dealing with COVID, supply chain disruptions, and a new excise tax for which they had almost no time to prepare. They've earned it!

The Theravape Team.

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