New Federal Excise Tax


Please note that with the new vape tax, any ejuice, pods, disposable vapes, or other vape products containing ejuice manufactured after October 1, will be subject to the new federal vaping excise tax across Canada. Existing stock that was produced before October 1 can still be sold until January 1 without this new tax being applied. We have stocked up to get us by until January 1 as best we can, but as we approach this date, you will see more products transition over to ones with excise tax stamps applied to them. Trust us when we say we are as frustrated as anyone else about this tax on harm reduction, but unfortunately, the industry's hands are tied. There is still a small chance that this burdensome tax may be reduced in the future, but for now, here it is...

The tax is applied per container at $1 per 2mL for the first 10mL, then $1 per 10mL or fraction thereof above the first 10mL. The amount of nicotine is irrelevant and this applies to zero-nicotine as well. It will impact products in the following manner:

 Size Tax
30mL $7.00
60mL $10.00
120mL $16.00
250mL $29.00
500mL $54.00
1000mL $104.00
10mL Disposable $5.00
15mL Disposable $6.00
3 Pack of 2mL Pods $3.00

 The excise tax is to be built into retail prices (just like gasoline), so you will see an increase in retail prices that reflect the added tax, which is prepaid by the manufacturer. We will do our best to partially absorb this increase where possible, but the silver lining is that it will still be cheaper than smoking -just not by as much as it used to be.

As a manufacturer, we have already applied for our license, but we expect continued delays due to the size of this nation-wide rollout and the short timeframe that was given to everyone, including the CRA, so we have produced excess inventory to get us close to January 1 before switching over to newly manufactured/taxed Theravape eliquid products. 

For in-store DIY customers, we are seeking clarification from the CRA as to how this will impact the sale of DIY nicotine products. We will update you once we get confirmation on this situation.

We apologize for the hardship this new tax will inevitably cause for our precious customers, but we will do what we can to make sure our products remain affordable to help you. Thank you for your support and loyalty all these years. We are here if you have any questions, but for more information, please visit:




Congratulations, Canada. True masters in creating a black market in an industry. Instead of handling this with care, they’ve now indirectly encouraged kids to get products from untrusted or unverified sources for basement brews, to avoid paying ridiculous prices.

Lee Rushford
Lee Rushford

Bruh, seriously? I found it hard to buy cigarettes is why I did the switch to vape, now vape juice that costed $21 is now going to be $28? FML! My hands are thrown in the air in disbelief. What are they doing about alcohol, and the damage it’s doing to our youth with its enticing flavours? I find alcohol, and alcohol related products to be repulsive, and should be banned (irrelevant) anyways please help me the best you can, thank you in advance.

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