Illegal Cannabis Related Pulmonary Illness Update October 21

We're a few days later than usual with our updates, but here is the news you may have missed last week:

British Perspective: Experts in toxicology and addiction said they are sure that the 1,299 confirmed and probable American cases of serious lung injuries linked to vaping are “a U.S.-specific phenomenon,” and there is no evidence of a similar pattern of illness in Britain or elsewhere.


Landmark study from University College in U.K. finds more than 50,000 people quit smoking per year and quit rates have been increasing.


New York Department of Health claims their lung illnesses almost all linked to one illegal THC product


Directly from Utah Department of Health: Nearly everyone who has become sick in Utah has reported vaping THC cartridges prior to becoming ill. The Utah Department of Health recommends you immediately stop vaping THC cartridges while we continue to investigate this outbreak.


Long-time anti-tobacco advocate and former CDC staff member Dr. Michael Siegel testifies before Congress that a flavour ban would fail to address black market products causing lung illnesses and could make vaping a less effective in helping smokers make the switch


New York court approves injunction to block flavour ban


Director of Health Improvement at Public Health England urges the Lancet to better evaluate their message in light of data that shows illegal THC (not nicotine-based vapes) are largely to blame in pulmonary illness outbreak in U.S.


7 arrests in illegal THC operation


Major arrest made in another illegal THC/CBD operation

American physician condemns fear-mongering and mob-like scapegoating for traditional vaping for nicotine.  Highlights importance of addressing the 3 real but unrelated issues separately: 1) deadly smoking; 2) unethical marketing from tobacco companies for their vaping products to youth; 3) illegal THC products actually at the core of the U.S. epidemic

 Opinion piece: "All panics begin with a rational fear that quickly turns dangerously irrational."

In Manitoba, we're working with local stakeholders and the CVA to meet with legislators to properly educate them on the true nature of this epidemic and offer our input on how to deal with it, and the separate issue of youth vaping uptake.  We are also working on a press release to help inform all Manitobans as well, so we'll keep you updated as it progresses.

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