Weekly Update on THC-related Lung Injuries

While the percentage of affected patients that were using THC continues to climb week after week and the rate of new cases continues to drop, it's becoming more and more apparent to investigators that THC-vaping, NOT nicotine-vaping, is the culprit behind the lung injuries in the United States.  


Dr. Dana Meaney Delman, head of the CDC's investigative team working on the epidemic, reports "We've narrowed this clearly to THC-containing products that are associated with most patients who are experiencing lung injury" 



Utah Department of Health claims "nearly everyone who has become sick in Utah has reported vaping THC cartridges prior to becoming ill.  The Utah DOH recommends you immediately stop vaping THC cartridges while we continue to investigate this outbreak."



Regulator Watch interview with Neuroscientist Dr. Lion Shahab from the Institute of Epidemiology & Health, University College London (one of the world's leading experts on the science of vaping) and gets the answers to all the questions regarding youth uptake, the safety of vaping, the gateway theory, and the U.S. pulmonary illnesses.  A must-watch!



CDC reports that patient medical charts showed 92% of patients from Utah were using illicit THC vaping products leading up to their illnesses.  3 brands were particularly common: Dank Vapes, Rove, and Golden Gorilla.  Vitamin E acetate found in 89% of THC samples tested.  Nicotine-containing samples tested only showed evidence of nicotine, no THC or vitamin E acetate, or any other harmful analytes.  THC for non-medical use is illegal in Utah and this likely creates under-reporting of THC use, yet we still have a very high number at 92% admitting to its use.



New York Department of Health claims their lung illnesses almost all linked to one illegal THC product



The creator of the nicotine patch says that 'anti-vaping forces' are trying to kill the life-saving e-cig industry



For other updates from last week, visit our blog post for October 21 here:



Thank you again for trusting us as your personal resource for the U.S. pulmonary illness outbreak.  We spend hours every week pouring through the data to ensure you get the news that matters.  It means a lot to us here and we know that your safety is paramount to you too.  Take care, and have a wonderful weekend!


The Theravape Team.

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