New Arrivals at Theravape

We've added some new hardware at Theravape!  Choose from 3 different compact vapes to suit your individual vaping needs.

Voopoo Drag X

voopoo drag x pod mod vape shop canadaThe Voopoo Drag X is a high power pod mod that features 80W power output and uses a single 18650 battery (not included).  We've tested this mod extensively and find the coils last long, but the best feature we've found with it is the flavour output.  It absolutely crushes other vape pod mods in this area.  Voopoo has raised the bar on pod mod flavour back to where the industry was at with previous high power tank based systems.  

Voopoo Drag S

voopoo drag s canadaThe Voopoo Drag S is similar to the Drag X, but instead uses an internal battery and goes up to 60W.  Same amazing flavour as the Drag X up to 60W, where the X of course can continue up to its 80W.  Now that the bar on pod flavour has been raised by Voopoo, we expect other manufacturers like Smok will be not far behind.  It's an exciting time for powerful compact devices.

Allo Disposables

allo disposables canadaAllo Disposable vapes have landed at Theravape and they're taking our customers by storm. This is a superior alternative to other disposable vapes like the Puff Bar, offering way better flavour.  In fact, we were blown away by the flavour output considering the nature of these vapes.  It's similar to what you'd get from better low power open pod vapes like the Uwell Caliburn.


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