New Canadian Child Resistant Requirements

As you may or may not know, tanks and pods are required to be CRC (certified child resistant) this year, due to new regulations, but manufacturers are still working on getting these products to market.  COVID-19 made certification testing impossible for several months in 2020, which caused production delays but these products are finally starting to trickle into the market.  As they become available, we'll be switching over to ensure all of our products are compliant.  Thankfully, with COVID-19 also came difficulties in enforcement, so Health Canada gave a notice to industry that we generally have some extra time to get inventory sorted, although this does not totally preclude them from enforcement.  Without this provision, vape shops would currently have almost nothing to offer you simply due to the general lack of available CRC products.

Needless to say, our intent is to become compliant as a business and as an industry as soon as possible and the CVA (Canadian Vaping Association) is in communication with Health Canada to try and buy additional time to allow manufacturers to catch up for the end consumers.  

So in the coming weeks and months, you will see products changing to new CRC versions as well as new CRC products being released.  We hope to still be able to supply replacement parts such as coils for legacy non-CRC equipment, but it's as of now unclear whether that will be permitted or for how long.  As more information comes out, we'll do our best to keep you informed.

If you're interested in CRC products now, the following is a list of what we have available as of January 6, 2021, but please keep in mind that we are selling through non-CRC versions first to clear existing stock:

Uwell Caliburn G (Pods here)

Smok Nord 2 (Pods here)

Smok Nfix (Pods here)

Smok RPM 40 (Pods here)

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