New line and new prices!

We hope you're ready for Summer, but in case you need some help, we've got some great news.  New lower pricing on ejuice and a brand new ejuice line for those hot, sunny days.

Everyone knows we have the best customers and that means you deserve the best value.  We've lowered the prices on all premium 120ml bottles we make from $54.99 to $40, and all 60ml bottles from $29.99 to $25.99.  Our Prime line has also been reduced from $14.99 to $13.99 for 30ml and $40 to $34.99 for 120ml.  Use your savings for something exciting like a Winter getaway :)

ICE ICE by Theravape

The new ICE ICE line by TheraVape includes three bold fruit flavours with a refreshingly cool sensation.

Lemon: Pink lemonade chilled with arctic glacier ice and shaken like crazy

Apple: Crisp ambrosia, red and green apples, fresh pressed and poured over liquid nitrogen

Mango: Perfectly ripe Philippine mangos pureed and poured over shaved ice

This line is available in 70vg regular nicotine, and 50vg salt nicotine at

So grab your new favourite ejuice flavour today and catch some well deserved sunshine!


-The TheraVape team.

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