News from Health Minister and CDC Update

TheraVape is happy to see that the federal government is working on ways to curb youth vaping uptake that restricts product promotion to within specialty vape shops where youth are legally prohibited from entering.
They are, however, still considering additional flavour restrictions, which we think is a grave mistake, given that:
1) Youth are not allowed in vape shops to begin with
2) 77.7% of youth surveyed (2019 NYTS survey) did not list "flavours" as the reason they tried vaping, and
3) Over 90% of adults vape non-tobacco flavours.
If flavours are important to you, please contact the honourable Patty Hajdu at PATTY.HAJDU@PARL.GC.CA and share your thoughts on the importance of flavours in your journey to quit smoking.

4 Things To Sum Up EVALI Outbreak in U.S.

  1. 100% of lung fluid samples studied all contained vitamin E acetate, which can only be used in THC based liquids (oil soluble THC VS water soluble nicotine) and vast majority of patients self-reported THC use.
  2. Nothing suspicious has ever been found in any nicotine-based eliquid analyzed, but definitely not for lack of trying.
  3. While millions continue to vape for their nicotine, the weekly reported cases of EVALI have nearly disappeared after multiple major arrests had been made for illegal vitamin E acetate containing THC product operations.
  4. CDC's recent press release admits data limitations pointed out months ago by the vaping industry, but ignored by the media, which explain the other 20% that didn't voluntarily admit to using THC:

"The findings in this report are subject to at least five limitations. First, data on substances used in e-cigarette, or vaping, products were self-reported or reported by proxies (e.g., family members) and might be subject to recall or social desirability bias. Second, data related to product use were missing for many patients, and conclusions derived from these data might not be generalizable to the entire affected population. Third, many EVALI patients were not interviewed because of loss to follow-up, refusal to be interviewed, or lack of resources to conduct interviews, which might limit the generalizability of these findings to other EVALI patients. Fourth, reporting lags make it difficult to evaluate the trajectory of the outbreak during recent weeks. Finally, these data might be subject to misclassification of substance use for multiple reasons. Patients might not know the content of the e-cigarette, or vaping, products they used, and methods used to collect data regarding substance use varied across jurisdictions."

While our industry stands vindicated, we can't help but feel deep sympathy for the lives that were needlessly lost during this epidemic due to the media, the CDC and FDA failing to adequately and accurately inform citizens about what both the regulated Nicotine Vaping AND THC industries had been saying the entire time.  The problem was always and very obviously about illegal THC and CBD carts that had been tainted with Vitamin E Acetate.  The scale and impact of this tragedy was indeed preventable.  That being said, we sincerely thank you for your continued trust in us as we continue to make your health and safety our top priority.

With all that out of the way...

We hope we can finally start getting back to more uplifting content and things to be excited about again.  Stay tuned for a website revamp, which we hope you'll love.  Also keep an eye out for our pre-boxing day deals.

Happy holidays to you and yours from the TheraVape Family!



Had the best experience with the most knowledgeable man ! I am a hard core oldschool smoker trying to quit and NOW in quarantine so making my second purchase today ! Stay safe out there ❤☮

Frankie Tse
Frankie Tse

I’m just over 60 and had started vaping almost five years ago, from 12mg nic at start to only 2mg nic by now, ready to quit all at any time. Here’s my personal view on the use of vaping for quitting tobacco smoking and the recent COVID-19 epidemic.

As of Mar 10, COVID-10 confirmed cases was 10,149 in Italy and 822 in the US. I would guess that the number of confirmed infections in the US will soon surpass Italy!

Back in a few months ago, it was reported in the US that many had died of fibrosis in the lungs due to the use of cannabis extract (HTC) e-cigarettes. The major symptom of which is the same reported in the seriously affected COVID-19 cases. Be it conspiracy theory or not, I believed that the U.S. government was trying to divert national attention and cover up the novel coronavirus found. Otherwise, it would be the inability of the CDC to manage and control such devastating disease! I believe more in the former.

May you all love life and live to its fullest in good health and happiness. Cheers!


The government knows that it was all illegal thc pods why won’t they leave vaping to us responsible people alone to vape

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