Which Tank Should I Get?

With devices ranging from 12W to 150W and beyond, there's a big range to explore.  First time vapers may find it overwhelming and even experienced vapers may not have found the perfect combination of tank, power, and ejuice yet.  As a retailer, we're faced with deciding which devices to bring in and which to pass on.  

Being an eliquid manufacturer first, we have the benefit of a large network of vendors in Canada that we are able to rely on when we need second opinions.  We also have an enthusiastic team that keeps their fingers on the pulse of the vaping world.  We carefully scrutinize current and upcoming products, selecting only companies with better track records for quality.  This way you can be spared from bad experiences with fad brands and products.  

We could recommend you products generally speaking, but every user is different and has different needs.  That being said, we keep a selection of tanks that are market tested for reliability, flavour production, and a variety of power outputs.  

Most people fall into one of two categories; mouth to lung (similar to a cigarette draw) or direct lung.  Direct lung atomizers deliver larger volumes with a more open airflow for better flavour.  Mouth to lung (or "MTL") vaporizers tend to be on the lower power consumption range from 10 to 30 Watts and direct lung atomizers usually go from around 30 Watts and beyond.

Because of how these two styles are directly tied to power ranges and vapour volumes, the main consideration once you've decided on the style of vaporizer is how much nicotine you will need.  Generally, lower power needs higher nicotine and higher power requires lower nicotine to provide the same total amount of nicotine per draw.  Our sales staff can help you determine the correct nicotine level based on your preference of device and current smoking or vaping habits.  

Let us know if you'd like assistance in choosing a device or atomizer by phone, email or in person.  We're ready to help any time.  If there's a tank you think we absolutely need to bring in, we'd love to hear about it too!

-The TheraVape Team.

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