Update on illegal THC-related illnesses

Hi folks, this one will be quick because there's only one very important update to report on.  The CDC has finally released their data on the bronchoalveolar lavage samples.  These are basically saline water samples that have been used to rinse the lungs of the impacted patients to gather biological samples.

The result: 100% of the samples contained vitamin e acetate and not much else of note.  Now they are finally acknowledging what they've been told by our industry for months now.  Their new biological data completely matches the original epidemiological data and even more strongly concludes that this entire outbreak was solely caused by bootleg THC products containing vitamin e acetate.

Official release by the Royal College of Physicians



Great article on how the CDC and FDA have handled this outbreak so differently compared to any other outbreak or recall, very much to the detriment of public health



This concludes this week's update.  Please stay away from bootleg THC cartridges from the United States and have yet another great weekend!

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