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News from Health Minister and CDC Update

TheraVape is happy to see that the federal government is working on ways to curb youth vaping uptake that restricts product promotion to within specialty vape shops where youth are legally prohibited from entering. They are, however, still considering additional flavour restrictions, which we think is a grave mistake, given that: 1) Youth are not allowed in vape shops to begin with 2) 77.7% of youth surveyed (2019 NYTS survey) did not list "flavours" as the reason they tried vaping, and 3) Over 90% of adults vape non-tobacco flavours. If flavours are important to you, please contact the honourable Patty...

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Dec 6 - The War on Vaping Continues

This week has seen no more new information from the CDC, except for the large role "Dank Vapes" products played, but this was already known months ago.  They are now aware that Dank Vapes is a non-centralized generic brand of packaging that has no single source.  Black market profiteers sourced this generic packaging online to package their own personal products and they are known to contain a range of contaminants including Vitamin E Acetate, the only chemical of concern thus far identified. Meanwhile, the CBC has been on a mission to steamroll vaping with a series devoted to spreading misinformation...

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Nov 22 Update: The war on vaping

As the incidences of EVALI continue to plummet in the U.S., and despite the CDC's formal identification of Vitamin E acetate as the main culprit, we continue to face attacks on vaping in Canada from recycled old news that has been debunked multiple times over the past 6 years. First, some helpful stats: Annual smoking-related deaths (USA): >480,000 Annual smoking related deaths (CANADA): 45,464 Total deaths from illegal THC with vitamin E acetate (USA): 47 Total deaths from illegal THC with vitamin E acetate (CANADA): 0 Total deaths from regulated nicotine vaping in last 10 years (GLOBALLY): 0 Does anyone...

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Latest updates on vaping and on illegal THC illnesses in U.S.

This week has been fairly quiet on news, but it's mainly unchanged from last week.  The confirmed culprit is still vitamin E acetate (which we pretty much knew since back in September), and nothing bad found in any nicotine-based eliquid samples.  As you may or may not yet know, the U.S. epidemic has spawned a new set of problems for us here in Canada.  Anti-vaping lobbyists have used this situation to go to war against the vaping industry.  8 large health organizations (Action on Smoking and Health, Canadian Cancer Society, Canadian Medical Association, Canadian Lung Association, Coalition québécoise pour le...

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Update on illegal THC-related illnesses

Hi folks, this one will be quick because there's only one very important update to report on.  The CDC has finally released their data on the bronchoalveolar lavage samples.  These are basically saline water samples that have been used to rinse the lungs of the impacted patients to gather biological samples. The result: 100% of the samples contained vitamin e acetate and not much else of note.  Now they are finally acknowledging what they've been told by our industry for months now.  Their new biological data completely matches the original epidemiological data and even more strongly concludes that this entire...

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Weekly update on THC-related illnesses Nov 1

Thank you once again for checking in to see the latest updates on the illicit THC-related illnesses in the United States.  Since the news is mainly the same as last week (still points to THC, a few more cases reported down there, nothing up in Canada) we'll keep this one brief.  Key points are: "EVALI" cases still very likely have nothing to do with nicotine products The data still points to illicit adulterated THC/CBD cartridges Still only really happening in the United States UK still repeats their stance that vaping nicotine products are at least 95% safer and are not...

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Weekly Update on THC-related Lung Injuries

While the percentage of affected patients that were using THC continues to climb week after week and the rate of new cases continues to drop, it's becoming more and more apparent to investigators that THC-vaping, NOT nicotine-vaping, is the culprit behind the lung injuries in the United States.     Dr. Dana Meaney Delman, head of the CDC's investigative team working on the epidemic, reports "We've narrowed this clearly to THC-containing products that are associated with most patients who are experiencing lung injury"  https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2019/10/25/773138356/behind-the-scenes-of-cdcs-vaping-investigation   Utah Department of Health claims "nearly everyone who has become sick in Utah has reported vaping...

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Illegal Cannabis Related Pulmonary Illness Update October 21

We're a few days later than usual with our updates, but here is the news you may have missed last week: British Perspective: Experts in toxicology and addiction said they are sure that the 1,299 confirmed and probable American cases of serious lung injuries linked to vaping are “a U.S.-specific phenomenon,” and there is no evidence of a similar pattern of illness in Britain or elsewhere. https://business.financialpost.com/pmn/business-pmn/vaping-illness-deaths-likely-very-rare-beyond-u-s-experts-say?fbclid=IwAR1QAkKUt6RdrxdODOWjcys6Z7imBTvgp89vh_4_Maos8nJq-jVyBWmo4WM   Landmark study from University College in U.K. finds more than 50,000 people quit smoking per year and quit rates have been increasing. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/uk-news/vaping-helps-50000-smokers-year-17094756?fbclid=IwAR1f_VMXLLOTaGpOc1XAOZO58DRM80wYXEuMIMqrRhFOOgzHEy3ILG69taQ   New York Department of Health claims their lung illnesses almost all...

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